ATO Wholesale Relay Products

We are a supplier has profound manufacturing experience of solid state relays (SSR), electromagnetic relays (EMR), timer relays, signal relays, overload relays, and relay parts over 15 years in China. Our wholesale products are guaranteed to provide control of induction, resistance and motor load with different amperage ratings. They feature 12V, 24V DC, 110V 120V AC... different operating voltages and have the following contact configurations for choice: SPST normally open contact, SPST normally closed contact, SPST double contact output and SPDT conversion contact. All electronic relays are available in a variety of options: Plug-ins, PCBS, bracket accessories, sealed or weatherproof covers. Meanwhile, we also accept OEM/ODM orders, which has helped us better fulfill customers' specifications, therefore to maximize their values effectively and meet their changing needs. Additionally, our R&D team can develop new products according to customers' special requirements.

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We have plenty of relays in stock and fast shipping. Not sure what relay product is best for your unique needs? We have experts who can help!

Get Your Right Relay

Various functions

Have an Ample Supply of Relays

As a relay manufacturer for more than ten years in China, ATO has provided a large number of high quality relays all over the world. We have our own factory, which can guarantee the number of our relays. All types of relays are individually processed and produced in our factory. Adequate supply of relays can satisfy both retail and wholesale customers. ATO electrical relays are sold abroad in large quantities, especially to European and American countries. The production of each relay goes through multiple processes. Under the operation of precision instruments and professional and technical personnel, the relay is well guaranteed to produce with high quality.


Professional OEM/ODM customization Process

  • Customers provide detailed product parameters or samples.
  • ATO's R&D team reviews the product information provided by customer.
  • Our quotation department checks the price and quotes to customer.
  • Engineers begin testing the samples to ensure that the relays will work properly in various environments after customer confirms the unit price.
  • All tests are passed, ATO arranges for sample delivery.
  • Customer confirms the sample quality, delivery time and places an order.
  • ATO reasonably arranges factories for mass production.
  • After the relays are manufactured, delivery is arranged according to the agreed shipping method.
  • After-sales service by professional technicians if customers have any problems.

Shell installation options

Core Components Produced by Own Factory

ATO not only manufactures relays, but the core components of relays such as contacts, reeds, armatures, etc. are manufactured and matched by our own factory. The company has introduced the world's advanced CNC wire cutting machine, CNC punching machine, CNC grinding machine, automatic cleaning machine and other hardware production equipment and monitoring devices. To ensure that the technology and process of relay finished product production are at the forefront of Chinese counterparts, and to provide a strong guarantee for the reliability and stability of relay quality.
  • The thinnest stamping material can reach 0.05mm, and it can punch 0.08mm pores.
  • Relay & parts size tolerance can be controlled within 0.008mm.
  • Mold establishment resume, strict implementation of maintenance system.