DPDT DC Signal Relay

Miniature low signal relays are commonly used devices in automatic control systems. They are used to connect and disconnect circuits, to issue control commands and to reflect equipment status to form automatic control and remote control circuits. ATO DPDT DC signal relays are available 3V, 5V, 6V DC coil voltage, optional coil nominal power 200mW or 150 mW, contact form DPDT, max. switching current 2A, rated load 1A 125VAC/2A 30VDC, small in size and light in weight. Now, contact ATO for the latest quote!

DPDT DC signal relay



Type Standard Type Sensitive Type Standard Type Sensitive Type Standard Type Sensitive Type
Coil Parameters (23℃) Nominal Voltage DC 3V DC 5V DC 6V
Nominal Power 200mW 150mW 200mW 150mW 200mW 150mW
Pick-up Voltage ≤2.25VDC ≤2.25VDC ≤3.75VDC ≤3.75VDC ≤4.50VDC ≤3.75VDC
Drop-out Voltage ≥0.15VDC ≥0.15VDC ≥0.25VDC ≥0.25VDC ≥0.30VDC ≥0.25VDC
Rated Current 66.7mA 50mA 40mA 30mA 33.3mA 25mA
Coil Resistance 45Ω 60Ω 125Ω 166.7Ω 180Ω 240Ω
Max Voltage DC 3.9V DC 3.9V DC 6.5V DC 6.5V DC 7.8V DC 7.8V

Contact Form: DPDT (2C)

Contact Resistance (Initial): ≤100mΩ (6VDC 1A)

Contact Material: AgNi + Gold Plating

Rated Load (Resistance Load): 1A 125VAC

Max. Switching Voltage: 250VAC30VDC

Max. Switching Current: 2A

Max. Switching Capacity: 125VA/60W

Min. Allowing Load: 10mV 10μA

Insulation Resistance (Initial): 1000mΩ (500VDC)

Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts (Initial): 750VAC, 1 min

Dielectric Strength Between Coil & Contacts (Initial): 1500VAC, 1 min

Operate Time: ≤5ms

Release Time: ≤5ms

Shock Resistance (Functional): 98m/s2(10g)

Shock Resistance (Destructive): 980m/s2(100g)

Vibration Resistance: 10Hz ~ 55Hz 1.5mm DA

Mechanical: 1 x 107ops

Electrical: 1A 125VAC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s), 2A 30VDC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)

Ambient Temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃

Humidity: 5% to 90%

Termination: PCB (DIP Encapsulation)

Unit Weight: 5g

Construction: Plastic Sealed

Certification: CE, CCC, TUV, UL

Note: In order to maintain the initial performance parameters of the signal relay, please be careful not to drop it.

Dimension (Unit: mm)

Dimensions of DPDT DC signal relay

Performance Curve

Performance curves of DPDT DC signal relay

What are the functions of signal relay?

Signal relay is composed of two parts, including contact system and electromagnetic system. The electromagnetic system consists of a coil, a fixed core, a yoke iron and a movable armature. The contact system consists of moving contacts and static contacts, which plays an important role whether it serves as the core component of relay signal system, or as the interface component of electronic or computer signal system. The functions of DPDT DC signal relay are as follows.

  • Expand the scope of control. When the control signal of multi-contact signal relay reaches a certain value, the multi-circuit can be switched on, disconnected and connected at the same time according to different forms of contact group.
  • Amplification. A sensitive relay can control a large power circuit with a very small amount of control.
  • Integrated signal. When multiple control signals are input into the multi-winding relay in the prescribed form, the predetermined control effect can be achieved through comparison and synthesis.
  • Automatic, remote control and monitoring.Signal relays in automatic devices together with other electrical appliances, can form a programmed control circuit for automatic operation.
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