Electromagnetic Relays

ATO provides compact-size electromagnetic relays with common coil voltages of 12V/24V/110V/220V for your choice. We can offer the most affordable wholesale price for EMR relay in China.

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Electromagnetic Relays

Electromagnetic relay is a kind of electrical relay that works in the effect of the suction between the magnet core and the armature in the input circuit. Our factory provides DPDT electromagnetic relay, 3PDT electromagnetic relay and 4PDT electromagnetic relay with 12V, 24V, 110V, 240V coil voltage can be chosen. Meanwhile, ATO as a supplier offer electromagnetic relay module and SPDT DIN rail mount electromagnetic relay. Electromagnetic relay widely used in automation system, sound equipment, receiver and household appliance.

DPDT electromagnetic relay

DPDT Electromagnetic Relay

DPDT electromagnetic relay is a kind of electrical relay that works in the effect of the suction between the magnet core and the armature in the input circuit.
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3PDT electromagnetic relay

3PDT Electromagnetic Relay

3PDT electromagnetic relay is made of silver alloy material, which has super conductive property. We offers high quality 3PDT electromagnetic relay with 11-pin.
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4PDT lectromagnetic relay

4PDT Electromagnetic Relay

4PDT EMR adopts insulated transparent shell, operate temperature between -25℃ and 55℃. 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V coil voltages are available.
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Electromagnetic relay module

Electromagnetic Relay Module

The relay module is to integrate and serialize the single small power relay in the electrical control cabinet. High current relay with 1NO+1NC or 2NO+2NC contact.
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SPDT DIN rail mount electromagnetic relay

SPDT DIN Rail Mount Slim Relay

Slim interface relay is an electromagnetic switch. Electromagnetic relay switch with 24V DC coil voltage. It can be used in PLC automatic system.
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Electromagnetic relays

How Does Electromagnetic Relay Work?

Generally speaking, an electromagnetic relay uses electromagnet to control "on" or "off" status of the operating circuit. When placing voltage to both ends of a coil, the coil will be flowed with current and generate electromagnetic effect. Electromagnet will attract armature to the iron core against tension of spring, so as to pull the movable contact of the armature to the stationary contact. When cutting off power, attraction of the electromagnet will disappear and the armature will restore its position under tension of the spring to release the movable contract from the stationary contact (normally closed contract or NC). The pulling and releasing are used to control opening and closing of the circuit. Normally open and closed contacts respectively refer to the stationary contract is in the state of "on" when the coil is cut off from power and the stationery contract is in the state of "off" when the coil is connected to power.

How to Test an Electromagnetic Relay?

  • Testing coil resistance. ahead, latest graphics, and use multimeter to measure resistance of relay coil and judge whether the coil is in a state of open circuit. Resistance of the relay coil is closely related to its operating voltage and operating current. Operating voltage and operating current of the coil can be calculated according to its resistance.
  • Testing coil resistance. For the wholesale electromagnetic relays, it is necessary to check the coil resistance. Turn the multimeter to its resistance mode and use it to measure resistance of normally closed contact and movable contact. Their resistance is supposed to be zero. If the resistance is unstable or bigger than the value, it means the contact is under the condition of poor contact. If the resistance of the normally open contact and movable contact appears infinite, the condition shall be judged as contact adhesion.

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