3 Phase AC-AC SSR Solid State Relay

ATO provides AC to AC three phase solid state relay for your applications, load current of 10A, 25A, 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 120A available, with 3-32V DC input and 24-480V AC output, LED indicator and panel mount. ATO SSR relay offers a reliable switching the commercial and industrial loads, such as computer peripheral interface device, printing machine, molding machine, food machine, packaging machine, and so on.

3 phase AC-AC SSR solid state relay

Three Phase SSR Features



Voltage Type: AC to AC

Load Voltage: 24-480V AC

Control Voltage: 70-280V AC

Max. Input Current: 20mA

Must Operation Voltage: 70V AC

Must Release Voltage: 50V AC

Max. on-State Voltage Drop: 1.5V

Peak Voltage: 800V AC

Load Current: 10A, 25A, 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 120A

Operation Temperature: -20℃~ 80℃

Max off-State Leakage Current: 8mA

Dielectric Strength: 2500V

Certification: CE, CCC, TUV, UL


Dimension (Unit: mm)

3 phase SSR dimensions

Wiring Diagram

3 phase SSR wiring diagram 70-280VAC

Tips: What are the components of three phase solid state relay?

The solid state relay consists of three parts, including input circuit, isolation (coupling) and output circuit.
Input circuit.
According to the different categories of input voltage, the input circuit can be divided into three types: DC input circuit, AC input circuit and AC/DC input circuit. Some input control circuits are also compatible with TTL/CMOS, positive and negative logic control and inverse equality functions, which can be easily connected with TTL and MOS logic circuits. For control signals with a fixed control voltage, a resistive input circuit is used. The control current is guaranteed to be greater than 5mA. For the control signal with a large variation range (such as 3~32V), a constant current circuit is used to ensure that the current can work reliably at more than 5mA in the entire voltage variation range.

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