Timer relay

Timer Relays

ATO supplies wholesale price timer relay for bulk orders. As a Chinese manufacturer, we adhere to the principle of customer first, produce high quality products and provide excellent services.

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Timer Relays

Timer relay, as known as time delay relay, generates a contact action after the set precision time when the input signal is added or removed. It is an electrical component that can switch on or off high voltage or large current circuits by using low voltage or small current.

ATO provides analog time delay relays, digital timer relays and programmable timer relays with wholesale price for your different applications. Timer relays have a wide time settings and you can choose different operating voltages of DC 12V, DC 24V and AC 220V from China relay manufacturer.

Analog timer relay

Analog Timer Relay

ATO supplies analoy timer relays with different voltage and time, which are widely used to control and indicate time in automatic control circuit.
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Digital timer relay

Digital Timer Relay

Digital timer relay with LED display, on-delay timer, time setting range 0.01~990 hour, supply voltages 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 220V AC, 240V AC, and 380V AC.
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Programmable timer relay

Programmable Timer Relay

Programmable timer relay is an all-in-one device with simple PLC function, available in 8, 12, 16 inputs & 8, 12, 16 outputs, high quality and factory price.
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Relay production line

Business philosophy

ATO has been adhering to the policy of independent innovation development and production of high quality products since its establishment. At present, timer relay products are independently developed and manufactured by our factory. After continuous improvement, the performance is becoming increasingly perfect. More than 15,000 foreign customers have wholesale products directly from our company.

Programmable timer relay application

Application area

  • In areas where the peak-valley electricity price difference is implemented, high-power electrical appliances can be used to automatically operate in the low electricity price stage.
  • Control household appliances that need to be turned on and off regularly, such as water dispenser, water heater, air conditioner, rice cooker, advertising lighting, etc.
  • Control the power-on time, such as electric bicycle batteries, mobile phone batteries, battery charging.
  • Electric occasions requiring frequent on-off, such as intermittent sprinkler irrigation of flowerbeds and lawns, periodic oxygenation and filtration of fish tanks, fountains, etc.
  • Automatic control of home anti-theft system.
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