DC signal relay

DC Signal Relays

China SPDT or DPDT signal relays, wholesale price for bulk orders, factory direct delivery.

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Signal Relays

Signal relay from Chinese manufacturer is a kind of common device in automatic control system, which are widely used for switch, anti-theft monitoring, communication equipment, office equipment, medical equipment and security alarm system. ATO manufactures 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V DC low signal relays at factory price, contact form DPDT/ SPDT available, small and compact.

SPDT DC Signal Relay

SPDT DC Signal Relay

ATO SPDT DC signal relays are available 9V, 12V, 24V DC coil voltage, optional coil nominal power 360mW, 200mW, 450mW, contact form SPDT (1C), 3A contact switching capability, rated load 1A 240VAC/30VDC, 3A 120VAC, compact and lightweight.
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DPDT DC Signal Relay

DPDT DC Signal Relay

Miniature low signal relays are commonly used devices in automatic control systems. They are used to connect and disconnect circuits, to issue control commands and to reflect equipment status to form automatic control and remote control circuits.
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Signal relay factory

Chinese signal relay leader

ATO has been constantly innovating the process and improving the layout. As a Chinese supplier, our company has been engaged in the production, R&D and sales of signal relays for more than 15 years. 10 years ago, the company established two strategic development directions, one is to take relays as the main product, the other is to export-oriented development, and the management policy is "quality wins". We also manufacture and develop other relay products, such as solid state relays, time relays, electromagnetic relays, etc. The development model has changed from a single product to a multi-category product development.

Automatic production line

Relay industry chain

As far as the relay industry chain as a whole is concerned, the upstream is mainly the production materials and production equipment of relays, of which raw materials are the main cost, and labor and manufacturing costs are about a quarter. The midstream is mainly the production and manufacture of relays, of which ATO is the Chinese leader, and the downstream mainly includes automobiles, home appliances, communications, electricity meters and new energy.

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