SPDT DC Signal Relay

ATO SPDT DC signal relays are available 9V, 12V, 24V DC coil voltage, optional coil nominal power 360mW, 200mW, 450mW, contact form SPDT (1C), 3A contact switching capability, rated load 1A 240VAC/30VDC, 3A 120VAC, compact and lightweight. These low signal relays are at wholesale price from ATO, which are widely used for switch, anti-theft monitoring, communication equipment, office equipment, medical equipment and security alarm system.

SPDT DC signal relay



Type Standard Type Sensitive Type High Power Consumption Type Standard Type Sensitive Type High Power Consumption Type Standard Type Sensitive Type High Power Consumption Type
Coil Parameters (23℃) Nominal Voltage DC 9V DC 12V DC 24V
Nominal Power 360mW 200mW 450mW 360mW 200mW 450mW 360mW 200mW 450mW
Pick-up Voltage ≤6.75VDC ≤6.75VDC ≤6.75VDC ≤9VDC ≤9VDC ≤9VDC ≤18VDC ≤18VDC ≤18VDC
Drop-out Voltage ≥0.45VDC ≥0.45VDC ≥0.45VDC ≥0.60VDC ≥0.60VDC ≥0.60VDC ≥1.20VDC ≥1.20VDC ≥1.20VDC
Rated Current 40mA 22.2mA 50mA 30mA 17.6mA 37.5mA 15mA 8.3mA 18.75mA
Coil Resistance 225Ω 450Ω 180Ω 400Ω 720Ω 320Ω 1600Ω 2880Ω 1280Ω
Max Voltage DC 11.7V DC 11.7V DC 11.7V DC 15.6V DC 15.6V DC 15.6V DC 31.2V DC 31.2V DC 31.2V

Contact Form: SPDT (1C)

Contact Resistance (Initial): ≤100mΩ (6VDC 0.1A)

Contact Material: AgNi + Gold Plating

Rated Load (Resistance Load): 1A 240VAC/30VDC, 3A 120VAC

Max. Switching Voltage: 240VAC30VDC

Max. Switching Current: 5A

Max. Switching Capacity: 360VA/30W

Min. Allowing Load: 5VDC 100mA

Insulation Resistance (Initial): 1000mΩ (500VDC)

Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts (Initial): 500VAC, 1 min

Dielectric Strength Between Coil & Contacts (Initial): 1000VAC, 1 min

Operate Time: ≤10ms

Release Time: ≤5ms

Shock Resistance (Functional): 98m/s2(10g)

Shock Resistance (Destructive): 980m/s2(100g)

Vibration Resistance: 10Hz ~ 55Hz 1.5mm DA

Mechanical: 1 x 107ops

Electrical: 1A 240VAC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s), 3A 120VDC 5 x 104ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)

Ambient Temperature: -25℃ ~ 70℃

Humidity: 5% to 85%

Termination: PCB (DIP Encapsulation)

Unit Weight: 5g

Construction: Plastic Sealed, Flux Proofed

Certification: CE, CCC, TUV, UL

Note: In order to maintain the initial performance parameters of the signal relay, please be careful not to drop it.

Dimension (Unit: mm)

Dimensions of SPDT DC signal relay

Performance Curve

Performance curves of SPDT DC signal relay

How to test the signal relay?

  • Test the contact resistance. Use the resistance of the multimeter to measure the resistance of the normally closed contact and the moving point. This resistor value should be zero. The resistance between the normally open contact and the moving point is infinite. This makes it possible to distinguish between closed and open contacts.
  • Test the coil resistance. Use a multimeter R × 10Ω to measure the resistance of the signal relay coil to determine whether there is an open circuit.
  • Measure the incoming voltage and current. An adjustable regulated power supply and an ammeter are used to input a set of voltages to the signal relay, and the ammeter is inserted into the power supply circuit for monitoring. Slowly turn up the supply voltage and record the pull-in voltage and current. For accuracy, you can try a few times to get the average.
  • Measure the release voltage and current.
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