JR28 3 Phase Thermal Overload Relay

JR28 3 phase thermal overload relay is a series of thermal overload relays. Thermal overload relay is the application of current thermal effect principle, often used for AC motor or other electrical equipment and circuit overcurrent. JR28 3 phase thermal overload relay from ATO supplier, rated operating current is available at 25A, 36A and 93A. The 3 phase thermal overload relay is equipped with a flame retardant shell to withstand wear and high temperature. JB28 series thermal overload relay with 380V rated operation voltage. Ambient air temperature of thermal over load relay between -5 ℃ and 40 ℃. Thermal overload relays wholesale to find ATO, we will provide you with satisfactory services and relays.
JR28 3 phase thermal overload relay


  1. 3 phase unbalance protection device.
  2. Overload protection, power failure protection and motor protection of thermal overload relay.
  3. There is a stretching spring flip jumping mechanism to ensure that the contact action is rapid and reliable.
  4. A flame-retardant housing can fully protect the relay from damage, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. JR36 thermal overload relay also has flame-retardant shell.
  5. Thermal overload relay with CE certification.


Model ATO-JR28-25 ATO-JR28-36 ATO-JR28-93
Rated Current 0.1-25A 17-40A 37-93A
Rated Insulation Voltage 690V 690V 690V
Open-phase Protection yes yes yes
Automatic & Manual Reset yes yes yes
Temperature Compensation yes yes yes
Tripping Indicator yes yes yes
Test Pushbutton yes yes yes
Stop Button yes yes yes
Mounting Mode plug-in plug-in plug-in
Auxiliary Contact 1NO + 1NC 1NO + 1NC 1NO + 1NC
Rated Operating Current 220V 2.73A 2.73A 2.73A
380V 1.58A 1.58A 1.58A
Traverse Cross-sectional Area Major Loop Single Core or Stranded Wire 1~4 6~10 6~35
Connection Screw M4 M4 M4
Auxiliary Loop Single Core or Stranded Wire 2*(0.5-1) 2*(0.5-1) 2*(0.5-1)
Connection Screw M3.5 M3.5 M3.5

JR28 Thermal Overload Relay Structure:

JR28 thermal overload relay structure

JR28 Thermal Overload Relay Dimension: (Unit: mm)

JR28 thermal overload relay dimension
Tips: What is JR28 3 phase Thermal Overload Relay?

JR28 thermal overload relay is also called thermal relay, which is a 3 phase overload relay, using the principle of current thermal effect, using electrical thermosensitive bimetal as sensitive components. The electrical thermosensitive bimetal sheet is heated and rolled by two alloys with a large difference in linear expansion coefficient. When heated, the bimetallic sheet bends from the high expansion layer to the low expansion layer. When the current is too large, the element will act due to heating.

JR28 3 phase thermal overload relays are used for AC motor overload protection, and there are many types. 3-phase thermal overload relay is easy to install and use, has complete functions and low price. Practice has proved that thermal overload relays can reliably protect AC motors, so they have been widely used for a long time.

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