Relay Used in Security Control System

Relays are often used to control electric locks in access control systems, that is, when opening the door through various door opening methods, such as swiping a card to open the door, the group of terminals of the relay coil will be instantly powered off or powered on, resulting in normally open or normally closed terminals. Pull in or open. The relay is used on the remote control door receiver board in the access control system. Press the remote key once to open or close the door once.

The relay is used to convert the switch signal into the exit switch signal. This mode is often used when the hosts and access controllers of two different manufacturers are mixed on the same unit door. For example, the host only has switch signal output, and the access control controller only has switch signal. At this time, the electronic relay converts the door open signal output by the host into a switch signal and connects it to the switch signal terminal in the controller to realize the host door. For example, the host password opens the door, and the user extension opens the door. Relays are used in special power supplies for access control. Relays are used in stand-alone access controllers or access card readers.