Relay Used in Medical Equipment

With the progress of industry and the development of science and technology, more and more advanced components are applied. Medical instruments and equipment are high-tech concentrated fields, and have higher requirements for components, such as: good safety, high sensitivity, small size, and easy control. The solid state relay can provide a satisfactory choice for the transformation, innovation and use of medical equipment.

Foot switches are widely used in hospitals, such as X-ray machines, lasers, electric knives, dental equipment, operating room disinfection and isolation faucets, suction devices, etc., are equipped with foot switches, DC solid state relays and highly sensitive solid state relays. There are many temperature control instruments in the laboratory department, pathology department, drug testing room, preparation room and disinfection room of the hospital, ranging from general ovens, high temperature disinfection boxes, constant temperature incubators, mold incubators to hemodialysis. , automatic biochemical instrument and PCR and other high-precision constant temperature, heating, temperature control, the device can be controlled by solid state relays.