Relay Used in Electrical Vehicles

Relays are widely used in electric vehicles to control high current loads. Because of the low cost and excellent fault immunity of solid state relays, it is a useful and reliable solution in the automotive application environment.

Relays can be used in different parts of the electric car. For example, the horn buttons are installed on the steering wheel. In order to protect the button contacts, there are generally horn relays to protect the main circuit. In order to improve reliability, all kinds of lights use relays to work together to control the high current circuit of lights. In order to protect the ignition switch and prolong its life, a starting intermediate relay is used to control the main circuit of the starter. When a diesel vehicle is cold started, a glow plug is used to help start, and the glow plug is generally protected by a relay. There are also door control relays, compartment lighting relays, power main relays, etc.