Relay Used in Automotive

With the continuous improvement of relay technology in the automotive industry, more and more automotive relays have emerged. Automotive relays are used in various automotive systems, such as power systems, safety systems, chassis systems, anti-theft systems, body systems, and driving information systems. These systems require the use of automotive relays to control.

The automotive relay can control the automotive oil pump, cooling fan control, power distribution, preheating control, low temperature start, etc. Automotive relays can be used in anti-lock braking, battery short-circuit devices, turn signal control, and indicator light control. The car relay can control the car wiper, horn, rear window defogger, etc. The car relay can control the car electronic locator, the central door lock control, etc. Automobile relays can also control the traction system in the automobile chassis, as well as the control of instrumentation control and seat belt retraction equipment in the automobile driving information system. In addition, the car relay can also control the car's automatic doors and windows, seat adjustment, mirror adjustment, air conditioning and so on.